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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray that my husband Randy find spiritual healing from the effects of addiction. God bless him and keep him. Blessings to all those affected by addiction.
- Victoria R.
A friend's daughter, Zoe, was just severely injured by being kicked by her horse. Please pray for her survival and quick recovery.
- Nathan J.
Please pray for the safety of Coptic Christians in Egypt.
- Grafton C.
I am retired and friendless. At church, the congregation don't reach out to people. I would love a prayer group and a supporting social network. May God's relationship with me be all that matters.
- lyndon (17 August 2013)
Pray that my addiction to pornography is broken, and that I can realize my freedom in Christ and in the precious love of God.
- Lee J.
Please pray that God would hold me in His protection and healing grace as I face the possibility that acoustic neuromas are causing my declining health.
- Lance L.
For my struggle to become a better person, work through my problems, overcome my depression and anxiety and become the best father and husband that I can be.
- Rick S.
For my struggle with anxiety and panic disorder, and for healing of my body and mind.
- -Mike F.
For wisdom in my journey through the ordination discernment process.
- Jesse P.