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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Heal the souls of those who stand ready to inflict violence on peaceful people.
- Katherine L.
I pray that your love surrounded those babies and the administrators and teachers today. Bless the survivors, help them to heal. And as you taught us to forgive, bless the family of the gunman, and help them to find peace as well.
- Anna F
Prayers for Newtown Connecticut. There are no words, just tears
- Emma L
Prayers for a Co-worker's Dad...Jim...who has been fighting cancer for some time now.
- Steve B.
Thoughts and prayers for those families of victims that lost their lives today. May the Peace of Christ and a host of angels be with them at this time of deep grief
- Steve B.
Lord be with all the first responders in Newtown tonight, may they be supported even as they seek to support those who have lost so much. Amen
- Rev C
Pray for the peace of God for those whose lives have been made a horror by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.
- Don P.
I pray for those who suffer from the injustice of this world, that they may find peace and everlasting love with God.
- Chelsi W.
To all the children and teachers who lost their lives today who are with our God and Heavenly Father cradled in the arms of Christ our Lord
- Nathan M