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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Pray for Johnny Houston's mother-in--law in surgery and recovery
- Bill B. Bay City
God, please watch over your faithful and loving servant, Arthur Terry Wing, during this time of recovery. He has always embodied the true mission of the Episcopal Church and been a true shepherd. Enfold him and his family in your loving arms and help them travel whatever path is ahead. Let them know they are supported and cared for in this difficult time. Amen.
- Sally K.
Fast & pray. Heavenly father shower YOUR mercy on us, forgive all OUR sins (me, daughter, husband), set my mind free from all evil-unwanted thoughts, deliver my mind from devil’s clutches. Touch & heal our mind, body & soul. Remove evil-stony heart of my husband. Break him completely to repent. Destroy all evil plans. Keep my daughter healthy & happy, help her in study, give her wisdom-knowledge. Protect us from all evil- illness-infections. Provide me finance. Protect me at my job place. Hide identity. IJN Amen
- Jilian
Pray my Brother Kenny finds peace of mind and a stable homelife
- DW
Holy Father, please shed the same light that you have shed on me, on my boyfriend Richard. I came to you again with the help of this Holy Church, Your Church, please help Richard come to you again. Help him to believe again. Take away his hurt from past churches and help him see that your true church never judges or forsakes. Help me not speak too much to him about this but help my actions show Your love and Your church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
- Kristen
Oh Dear and Gracious God I want to laying down all claim to power in my husband Robie and of myself, and relying on your power God to transform me, my husband Robie , our circumstances, and our marriage.
- Jennifer
Heavenly father shower YOUR mercy on me, my daughters, my husband Robie, forgive all our sins Father for we have sinned against you please forgive use, and deliver our mind from devil’s chains unwanted-ugly thoughts could not control. Touch & heal our mind, body & soul. Remove evil-cunning and manipulatinget, and deceiving heart of my husband Robie; Father God please convict Robie to confess his sins. Lord destroy all evil plans, then is in Robie's heart. Father God shower YOUR peace & love over us. Help my daughters in her with theiron Jobs, give her wisdom-knowledge. Keep us healthy-happy. Protect us from all infections-illness. God help to concur the house flipping for and income to help support our family. In Jesus name is pray amen - Jennifer
- Jennifer
Please pray for the Lords guidance for our family and the health of our family.
- Janie K.
may the light in you,light the light in the world.
- Hermione