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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please heal my heart God. It has been broken for so long. Remove this tare from my soul. Amen
- Yvette
I pray for continued strength and gratitude as 1 year of sobriety approaches
- D. Wentworth
LORD please bless, keep and heal the brokenness of our world. Help all those who suffer to find comfort in you and your word. May the Holy Spirit dwell in them and strengthen them.
- Chris C
Make me a good steward of what I have, preserve me from all excess, and do what you can for my (dead) parents.
- Alissa C.
Please bless my marriage and help my husband to heal his abusive past and find his spirituality.
- Raven
Dear Lord, please heal my marriage- help my husband and I draw close to you. Help my husband find peace and release his anger. Please heal my marriage.
- Kate
Please pray for my marriage- that my husband can find Christ and peace in his life.
- Kh
Please pray for healing, preservation and guidance for my relationship with Cassie Y.
- Steven W
To pay off bills, get A's in my associate degree, good health, job security, happy marriage and get welcomed back at Trinity Episcopal Church Reno Nv
- Heidi Gibson Colony