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I ask for prayer for the sick, protect and care for the weak, for peace and wisdom and for a fairer legal system.
- Mildred G.
Matt 6:9
- Knopka C.
For peace with the emerging conflict between nations in the Middlle East.
- Richard C.
For those in the midst of discerning their call in the Church.
- Matthew Z.
I pray that my wife's screening tomorrow does not indicate cancer.
- Neil S.
Heavenly Father please care for and heal our dear friend Barry.
- Donna Q.
Please pray guidance as I navigate my estranged relationship with my partner, whom I love very much
- Dean B.
Please pray that I may overcome anxiety and depression about my job and my estrangement from my girlfriend. Thank you all so much for your concern
- Dean B.
Heavenly Father please pray for guidance for Tammy and I, so we may reconcile our relationship and commit to each other the love and caring we have for each other and her two children forever.
- Chris S.