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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray our baby is heathy
- Chris
Please grant SWB healing and take her suffering away. Give her doctors the strength and wisdom to help heal her.
- mam
Please pray for my sister in law, niece, and nephew who lost their husband /father today. Please pray that Jesus will heal their broken hearts. Amen
- charlene howatd5
For the health of Father Tim Murphy, rector of St. Mary's, Jasper
- Sarena S.
Please pray for my Facebook friend Fatime in Iran as well as her family. Her uncle died suddenly from a heart attack yesterday, and his funeral was today. May God guide, comfort and strengthen them during this time of grief and sorrow.
- Kevin Y.
Please pray for kayla and her wonderful 4 legged companion, rocky, who is very ill with a disease that drs haven't been able to identify yet. Please offer prayers of comfort and healing for kayla and rocky.
- Janie K.
Please pray for my wife Kate Ellen, who is a member of your church and in hospital after being hit by a van.
- Bread
Prayers for my church as we find a new permanent priest.
- Emma D.
Please pray for the three congregations of youth in Duluth, MN. That their hearts may be open as they walk in the lives of the poor for a week and do service work for the community.
- Manilan H