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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray for a rewarding new career path that utilizes my skills and talents for the people I serve and for the glory of God
- Chance W.
Jesus thank you for a healthy baby boy
- Chris
Pray for Gloria A. that she will want to deal with her past relationships with men who lied to her & hurt her physically & emotionally. My God help her to communicate openly. May she desire to not run away problems happen in relationships but learn to deal with them the way Jesus would desire. May God remove the scales off her eyes so she can see what he wants her to see. May she realize all men are not bad. May God touch her heart so she will trust him and desire to talk and communicate with me. May she return home to me as well. She is from Columbia South America
- donny k
Please pray our baby is heathy
- Chris
Please grant SWB healing and take her suffering away. Give her doctors the strength and wisdom to help heal her.
- mam
Please pray for my sister in law, niece, and nephew who lost their husband /father today. Please pray that Jesus will heal their broken hearts. Amen
- charlene howatd5
For the health of Father Tim Murphy, rector of St. Mary's, Jasper
- Sarena S.
Please pray for my Facebook friend Fatime in Iran as well as her family. Her uncle died suddenly from a heart attack yesterday, and his funeral was today. May God guide, comfort and strengthen them during this time of grief and sorrow.
- Kevin Y.
Please pray for kayla and her wonderful 4 legged companion, rocky, who is very ill with a disease that drs haven't been able to identify yet. Please offer prayers of comfort and healing for kayla and rocky.
- Janie K.