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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Dear Lord, please help my wife and I find the means to finally get a house of our own that our children can look back on and say with pride, "that's where I grew up."
- Robert C.
Remembering Rev. Jim Rebb, on the anniversary of his fatal attack during the Selma Campaign on this date in 1965.
- J. Farley
Please bring healing to my marriage.
- David M.
Deep prayers ascending for my dear friend Scott as he travels to Hawaii to visit his ailing mother.
- Karla F.
Dear Lord please help through this hard time of sadness and guide me to someone who cares about me and will love me.
- Emma H.
Please pray for my adult daughter for peace and strength and joy.
- Lilly G
Dear Lord, please watch over my departed father , Kenneth , and hold him in your loving arms forever.
- Mark T
Dear Lord, I pray for my children Sarah, Laura and Patrick. Help the girls to have forgiveness and I pray Patrick is safe and successful and that all take care of their health.
- Karen K
Please pray for reconciliation and restoration of my relationship. Please pray that God will grant me emotional healing and peace.
- Allie P.