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Dear Lord, I pray you'll forgive me all my sins. I feel bad for not going to morning prayer today. Please forgive me of that. Also help us get our whole apartment ckean including the carpet. If you want me to lead morning pray and contemplative prayer help me. Also bless the black church where I've been leading testimony service. Make me a worthy leader. In your name, Amen
- Trish W.
Heavenly Father, Please keep the family of the downed Jordanian pilot in your loving arms. Let them know your comfort in their time of hardship. Help us, Lord, to overcome the evils of the world; always through your love.
- Lacey L
Dear God, please watch over my husband as he travels in the deep snow daily back and forth to work.
- Dean H.
Help me to contain my uncontrollable worrying and fears.
- Andrew B.
Dear God, Please help me to be a good teacher that reaches and teaches my students with your love.
- Laura S
A Gathering Prayer (from a Disciple’s Prayer Book) Creator, we give you thanks for all you are and all you bring to us for our visit within your creation. In Jesus, you place the Gospel in the center of this sacred circle through which all of creation is related. You show us the way to live a generous and compassionate life. Give us your strength to live together with respect and commitment as we grow in your spirit, for you are God, now and forever, Amen.
- A Gathering Prayer
O Great Spirit, God of all people, every tribe, and nation through whom all people are related; Call us to the kinship of all your people. Grant us vision to see through the lens of our Baptismal Covenant, the brokenness of the past; Help us to listen to you and to one-another, in order to heal the wounds of the present; And, give us courage, patience and wisdom to work together for healing, and hope with all of your people, now and in the future. Mend the hoop of our hearts and let us live in justice and peace, through Jesus Christ, the One who comes to all people that we might live in dignity. Amen.
- A Prayer for Healing and Hope
Oh God, have mercy on my Mother, M.J. Yoxall. Please relieve her pain, and comfort her. Please give her peace at the end of her mortal life and help her to join you in the ever after.
- Donna D.
Last week my car was totaled! I had to buy another used car. I am unemployed and am currently living off of my disability and savings. This combined with massive doctor bills and a surgery last year, I am watching my meager savings plummet. I have no family to rely on. Please pray that I find some sort of small job. I am terrified.
- Karla F.