Companion Relationships

Groups from around the world have formed official links, finding their rewards in new friendships, mutual learning, and an expanded awareness of the world. Together, they share prayers and fight poverty, both in the United States and abroad. Groups in companion relationships take on responsibility for each other. Although they come from far-reaching cultures and have differing customs and histories, they see the image of Christ reflected in each other. There are hundreds of groups worldwide hoping to find partners. Help strengthen the Anglican Communion by reaching across cultural and geographic boundaries. Partnership in mission is the heartbeat of the church, and is at the heart of relationships in the Anglican Communion and throughout the wider church. The Companion Relationship Program offers domestic dioceses in the United States opportunities to engage in mission activity with dioceses in other parts of the world, as part of the process of developing the cross-cultural nature of the Communion.


September 22, 2010

Laughter, common priorities, prayer and shared adventures have punctuated the trip for Liberians seeing southern Ohio for the first time. During a two-week visit to the Diocese of Southern Ohio by a delegation for the Episcopal Church of...

January 25, 2008

The 192nd Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, meeting January 18-19 in Greensboro, formalized a companion relationship with the Diocese of Botswana.   "We are one church with one Lord...we need each other to do...

Bulletin Inserts

Learn about the Companion Diocese Relationships in the December 16 bulletin insert.