Congregational Vitality

The Office of Congregational Vitality assists church leaders in exploring new ideas for ministry and in establishing collaborative relationships and mutual support on churchwide, diocesan, and regional levels. Training events are offered throughout the year to help clergy and lay leaders develop and foster the practices and skills necessary for building a healthy church.


Congregational Strategies For Comprehensive Evangelism and Outreach

Guidelines for search/calling committees on the calling process including: appointing a committee; setting a budget; communications; reviewing, visiting, interviewing, choosing and calling candidates. Revised: May 2009 (4th edition).

Following the life cycle of a congregation from birth, and how to reverse decline and avoid death.

La familia Cochel dio originalmente a la Iglesia Episcopal una granja en Missouri llamada Roanridge para proporcionar un establecimiento único en donde el clero episcopal, los seminaristas, y los laicos pudieran obtener un conocimiento...

Guidelines to help the search/calling committee make the interviewing process an effective tool to determine a good match between priest and parish. Revised: May 2009 (4th edition).


An independent not-for-profit institution that offers seminars for congregational leaders both clergy and laity on topics such as congregational transformation, planning, and leadership.

We acknowledge that God works through all people, all times, and all circumstances. We believe the church is the body of Christ and proclaims Christ to the world. Each person in the body is uniquely called and gifted for ministry. In the context of theological reflection, Living Stones exists to support, challenge, and strengthen ministry. Living Stones is a partnership of Anglican and Episcopal communities of faith engaged in mission and committed to the ministry of all the baptized.