Mission Personnel

"The Heartbeat of the Church is Mission." — the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

The Mission Personnel Office offers members of The Episcopal Church a chance to enter into relationships with people outside national and cultural borders and to nurture worldwide partnerships. Individuals who feel called to serve God across cultural boundaries have the opportunity to serve as Episcopal missionaries in over 25 countries around the Anglican Communion, supporting local church communities in their calling to participate in God’s mission. Missionaries are doctors, nurses, teachers, accountants, agriculturalists, computer technicians, administrators, theologians, and communicators. Missionaries are lay and ordained, young and old.

Jessica Pitcher, Diocese of Minnesota, is a YASC volunteer in the Diocese of Maseno North, Anglican Church of Kenya. http://apearlwithoutashell.blogspot.com/

Mr. Michael Tedrick, Diocese of California, is serving in the Diocese of Curitiba, Brazil. http://www.awanderersjournal.blogspot.com

Mary Barber, Diocese of Olympia, is a Young Adult Service Corps volunteer in Liberia. http://missionarymary.blogspot.com/

Highly respected Chinese Christian mission agency with opportunities for short and long term English teaching as well as young adult programs.

Mission agency reaching out to the 25 largest and least Evangelized people groups. “We have a simple focus at Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM): We desire to see 25 ethnic groups reached with the love of Jesus Christ. Simple as that!”