United Thank Offering


June 11, 2013

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] The United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church has awarded 48 grants for a total of $1,517,280.91 for the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. The 2013...

May 21, 2012

St. Andrew's and St. Peter's Churches are participating members of the Christian Campaign for the Homeless in Amarillo, TX. Individual members of those congregations were instrumental in applying for at UTO Grant to provide dental care...

November 17, 2011

The United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church has awarded 59 grants for 2011 totaling slightly more than $1.6 million to aid the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. The grants were awarded to...

October 12, 2011

The application process for the 2012 United Thank Offering grants is now open; the forms are available here. Known worldwide as UTO, the United Thank Offering grants are awarded for projects that address human needs and help alleviate...

October 25, 2010

The application process for the 2011 United Thank Offering grants is now open and for the first time it is available online, according to a press release from the Episcopal Church's Office of Public Affairs. "This is the first year that...

February 2, 2010

The United Thank Offering supports programs that address compelling human needs by supporting the alleviation of poverty, both domestically and internationally, within the Anglican provinces, dioceses, and companion dioceses. The United...


United Thank Offering (UTO) is a ministry of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church. Through United Thank Offering, men, women, and children nurture the habit of giving daily thanks to God. These prayers of thanksgiving start when we recognize and name our many daily blessings. Those who participate in UTO discover that thankfulness leads to generosity. United Thank Offering is entrusted to promote thank offerings, to receive the offerings, and to distribute the UTO monies to support mission and ministry throughout the Episcopal Church and in invited Provinces of the Anglican Communion in the developing world.


This "Praise and Thanksgiving Manual" was developed by The Episcopal Church Women of the Philippines. They have graciously shared it with us. You may use any of the prayers or helpful suggestions to promote UTO in your area.

Complete information from the United Thank Offering Board regarding grant application policy and criteria, and responsibilities of grant recipients.

This Accountability Form must accompany all United Thank Offering grant applications.

“The United Thank Offering Story— A Sermon by the Rev. Everett W. Francis”This brochure is a UTO publication from the 1970s. The sermon speaks about the “biblical UTO story”, the loaves and fishes. It draws parallels between the qualities...



The Rev. Harry Neeley has spent 20 years ministering to the clients of the Tri Parish Wood Bank and the volunteers who help run the Dillon, Montana-based program.