Focus on the Future: The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti



Our work is primarily focused now on funding the diocesan infrastructure destroyed in Haiti in the January 2010 earthquake. These are buildings and meeting spaces that will serve their communities' spiritual and temporal needs - leading toward a sustainable future in Haiti. Read about the range of projects at: Haiti: More Than a Cathedral. The following provide some details for the exciting building projects that have already begun to transform Haiti:


Cases for Support:

The Heart of the Church in Haiti: Holy Trinity Cathedral

St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children

Skills for a Lifetime: Holy Trinity Professional School


Haiti Episcopal Database

We have also endeavored to capture the wider range of the Episcopal community's efforts in Haiti. The data has been rendered as a map which visually represents Episcopal outreach projects and partnerships. We hope this information will enable greater information sharing and collaboration that will ultimately help make the Diocese of Haiti self-sustaining.