Welcomes You

Prayers of the People for South Sudan

Almighty God, the Father of all humanity, we offer up the crisis in South Sudan; turn, we pray, the hearts of all peoples and their rulers, that by the power of your Holy Spirit, peace may be established among the nations on the foundation of your justice, righteousness and truth.

Let us pray for:

The peace talks in Addis Ababa, for Daniel Deng Bul - Episcopal Archbishop of Sudan and South Sudan, for the Bishops and clergy of the Episcopal Church, and all Christian Churches, for The South Sudan Council of Churches.  We give thanks that the Church has been a beacon of hope and peace.

Period of Silence

Almighty God, from whom all thought of truth and peace proceed:

kindle, we pray, in the hearts of all, the true love of peace and guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom those who take counsel for peace in South Sudan in all nations, that in tranquility your kingdom may go forward, till the earth be filled with the knowledge of your love.

Let us pray for:

The Bishops and people in areas affected or destroyed by conflict, for the Bishops and people in areas hosting those displaced by conflict, that God would strengthen them in the work of bringing aid, healing, reconciliation, and rebuilding.

Period of Silence

God of love, whose compassion never fails, we bring before you the grief and perils of the peoples of South Sudan; the necessities of the homeless; the helplessness of the aged and weak; the sighing of prisoners; the pains of the sick and injured; the sorrow of the bereaved. Comfort and relieve them, O merciful Father, according to their needs.

Let us pray for:

The wounded, for those who have been traumatized by violence, sexual assault, and kidnap, for those who morn the loss of their loved ones, for prisoners of war – especially women and children, and for those who have committed violence, that God’s healing, love, forgiveness, peace, and hope will fill them.

Period of Silence

O Creator you have made us, look upon us and on all your children who have died.  Receive them into the light and life of your nearer presence and give them eternal rest.

Let us pray for:

The tens of thousands of people who have died by murder and violence in these 5 months of conflict; for pastors and their people who were killed while seeking refuge in churches; and for all who have died due to hunger, illness, or injury while displaced.

Period of Silence

Let us pray together this hymn, written by Sudanese children refugees in Ethiopia:

God of all peoples, we are yearning for our land

Hear the prayer of our souls in the wilderness

Hear the prayer of our bones in the wilderness

Hear our prayer as we call out to you.

O God, who would fold both heaven and earth in a single peace:

Let the design of your great love lighten upon the waste of our wraths and sorrows; and give peace to your Church, peace among nations, peace in our dwellings, and peace in our hearts;
through your Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen