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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please help me to have a sense of direction in life in regards to a career / calling / living. And, please pray for me that I may have internal peace, understanding, wisdom, and abundance in life.
- Jennifer M.
For my sisters Adriana and Sandra that they find the means to support their families and understanding, justice and appreciation in their jobs.
- Andrea A.
For my mother, Dorinda Daggett, who passed on Nov 10, 2012 at the age of 92.
- Amy D.
Praying that the doctors understand why a co-workers infant grand-daughter has had serious breathing issues recently. Prayers for the family.
- Steve B.
Abba, help me find rewarding, sustaining work. Guide me, please, as I join in fellowship at my new church; help me to know what to say and do.
- Ben U.
Dear Lord, we pray for my great uncle Harlan, who is Missing in Action 61 years ago last Saturday while serving in the US Army in Korea.
- Jesse G.
For my daughter Kristina and grandson Attis My daughter is going in the wrong direction and needs to be led back I ask for prayers to help my family and for our Lord to please guide me in how to help her and Attis Thank you so very much
- Robin W
My prayer is that God will make a way for me and my family. I do not see the way but I know he is a provider and I know my bills and needs will be met.
i pray for a job in the mall and daycare
- crystal