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for healing in God's will of josh t's father
- Joshua N.
I ask prayer for James and young man whose cancer has just returned for the 3rd time. I ask support for his family also.
- Peggy T
Relieve the suffering and anguish of Lora-Jean as she prepares to leave her two beautiful girls and walk with her until she finds peace in Your arms.
- Zoe M
prayer for continued Blessings and good health for my family, relatives and friends
- T.B.N.
for all in this community & for their needs, intentions & petitions
for improved health & strength for f.m. & c.m. & family
For guidance. My life is a mess. And for a job... a job would be a huge improvement for myself and my family.
- Brian M.
I just found out that a friend of mine, Gary, passed away today from AIDS. Pray for his family and friends who loved him dearly.
- JennyM
Going for tests, possible R pelvic mass. Not sure what it is. Probably nothing according to my doctor, but they want to be sure. Scary. Pray for my serenity and confidence in the next few weeks as I approach these tests.
- Renee G.