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Prayers for a resolution to my working situation. Should I consider going back to work for pay or stay in my volunteer jobs? Financial rewards vs emotional rewards.
- Amy C
Prayers for Betty, her daughters, son in laws, grandchildren, and for my grandfather. May God's Spirit be with each of them, and may the healing presence of God be with Betty.
- Michael S.
Almighty Father in Heaven I pray that you will hear all the prayers of those who seek you. In the name Your Son, who became poor for our sake, May the Holy Ghost be upon us now and Forever. Amen
- Rachel Mary McFadden
Lord, please be with my cousin and his wife during this difficult time, losing a child last week.
- Jill C.
Heavenly Father, please keep our child Gwen Owen safe and let her know that she is your beloved child. May she seek the help that she needs and may she contact her family or friends so that we may know where she is. Amen
- Cindy R.
Lord, gather with the whole community of our parish that we might experience the journey of holy week together without exhaustion and with great joy.
- A. D.
Please don't let cancer break my Mom's spirit.
- Gabe F.
Help me find my way in life, make the right decisions in terms of school and job and help me fulfill what you ask of me in this world. Help me trust you most intensely and all my way with you, my Lord. Amen
- James S
Please, bless my family and my dear friends because they stand by me and help me be good, always. I am who I am because of them. Thank you so much for all of them, Lord Jesus!
- Tom J.