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Please, oh Lord, help me recover from a frightening disease doctors can't find the remedy for. Please, Lord Jesus, You are my only hope. Help me recover from my current state of desperation and let me continue on my way in your Holy Light! Amen.
- TJ S.
Gracious Father-Mother-God........Grant that Chris can find her brother. Amen
- Saundra T.
Please grant that Hugo will move home this year. Thank you.
- Franklin S
Pray that God would deliver me from severe depression. Baptist church where I pastor has many problems. Need prayers - going through dark time and feel alone.
- Ed H
Pray that my daughter Lilly would be returned home to us. I miss her so much. She is only four. God Bless you and thank you
- Leslie R
Dear Lord, Please watch over me and guide me in the right direction so I can start living again. Thank you Lord. Amen.
- JP
I pray that I will do the best I can to be the best mother to my 2 year old. Being a single parent is hard. I know I'm going through this for a reason.
- Kayla M.
Please pray for my husband in his travels this week. His journey is important and his safe return home will be a blessing.
- Stacey S.
Please pray for Hailey (14) and her family going through some very difficult circumstances. Pray also for all parties involved that peaceful understanding will follow and those involved will come to know the love of Jesus Christ.
- Peggy G