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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Lord, please give me strength to be the best teacher, role model, father, husband, and friend that I can be.
- Rick S.
For my children, Gregory & Zoe, that they may feel safe, secure, and happy as their father tries to repair his relationship with them. Also that their father replace the fear in his heart with faith in God's plans for his life.
- Sarah H.
Please pray for Maria and her children, as they are going through a difficult family matter right now. Pray that they will resolve this matter peacefully.
- SW
That I may find faith, guidance, and determination as I struggle with work and relationship concerns.
- Dean B.
we pray for Emily Reem in the loss of her uncle <3
- Emily Seng
Please pray for my nephew Charlie and his father that their relationship be repaired and fill with love and compassion.
- Vicki Y.
Please pray for the confirmands who are wondering about God, especially those at Advent Episcopal Church in West Bloomfield.
- Manisha D
That I may find what was once strong and true in my heart.
- Jayme R
For the new Roman Pontiff Pope Francis. That his pontificate be one of following the call of the Lord and for unity of the Church as Peter's Successor.
- Richard L