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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my friend Shelby and her fiancé, Brad. His cancer has returned and they are forced to move up their wedding date to make sure the wedding happens.
- Kate F.
Please pray my mom stays free of cancer & pray my friend is able to move home & get a great new job. May all people seeking employment find the right job for them.
- Katie C.
Please pray for my friend and brother Brady as he fights Myeloma.
- Joshua
A few weeks ago I suffered a Lisfrank injury to my left foot. Tomorrow I go in for surgery. Please pray that all goes well and that my spirits are raised. Thank you.
- Joshua
Pray that God will guide me and my husband. We want to start a family, but feel that it may be financially irresponisble at this point. We have no prospects of brighter financial future, so we are torn on how to proceed.
- Molly
Help me find peace, unconditional love and joy in my life.
- Tracy J.
Prayers for a resolution to my working situation. Should I consider going back to work for pay or stay in my volunteer jobs? Financial rewards vs emotional rewards.
- Amy C
Prayers for Betty, her daughters, son in laws, grandchildren, and for my grandfather. May God's Spirit be with each of them, and may the healing presence of God be with Betty.
- Michael S.
Almighty Father in Heaven I pray that you will hear all the prayers of those who seek you. In the name Your Son, who became poor for our sake, May the Holy Ghost be upon us now and Forever. Amen
- Rachel Mary McFadden