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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my mother, Mollie, who has recently died from Lung Cancer.
- John L.
Pray that I make real relationships at the Gym and have a firm friendship with Sarah. The clergy at my church are dreary and uninspiring. Pray that within a caring congregation, I'll find a perfect prayer group. I claim the victory in Jesus' name.
- Lyndon C. (Christmas Day 2013)
Dear God, I beg you to fill me with your spirit every day, and my family and the world, so that I can be a force for good, and love and light and fearlessness
- Bart T.
Lord, please bring peace to my family. My youngest son is battling an addition to drugs, my other son won't talk to me, my new husband (of 1 year) has lost patience. I pray that the your love heals us and brings us into your grace.
- Whitney B
Pray for Mason
- LD & BT
Lord, please cast Satan far from my brother. Help him to find You as he struggles through pain and confusion. Please ease his troubled heart and comfort Him. I pray he is released from jail a new man made in Your glory. Amen.
- AF
Please pray for Cynthia's daughter who has acute pancreatitis. Please agree in prayer that she be comforted and healed so that Jesus may be glorified. Thanks!
- Matt K
Heavenly Father, please keep my family safe.
- kim p
Dear Lord God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit heal my husbands soul as well as his body. He is a lost soul with Depression issues. In Jesus' name, Amen.