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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for the eternal peace and happiness of my late husband who was my best and dearest friend.
- Nancy M.
Pray for peace for my classmates, Samona and Laquaveay. They have a hard life.
- Kesler S.
Please pray for improved health and well-being for my 95 year old grandmother.
- Stacey S.
for Jim, who is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, and for his son and my gransdon James, who is his caregiver.
- Doug T.
Hallo, I am Christopher from Germany. I am 27. I am Church of England, I ask for praying to get my Bachelor next month. And I ask to pray that I have sucess to buy shares on the stock market. Thank you and blessed day.
- Christopher Eichner
Lord God, I pray for the Pastors of he church that those in leadership position help keep the man or women of God covered in Pray so that the body can be feed spiritual by the Pastor of the church.
- Praying Sister
Please pray for Andy for a positive solution to his problems
- Dolores G.
God, please lead me through my struggle of figuring out if I stay the Catholic course or embrace the Episcopalian direction
- Ryan F
I pray for my recently deceased friend, Megan Ives. It was too soon; I wish you could have seen your 17th birthday. You helped me through so much. I love you forever, and am proud to call you my friend.
- Charlotte W.