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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For discernment to the priesthood.
- David Michael G.
Please reslove my neck and arm pain so I may return to my normal and be useful.
- Sandy
Prayers for Victoria, who recently tried to overdose on pills and her daughter Debra. May Victoria get the help she desperately needs
- Steve B.
I ask your prayers for myself as I go for heart tests and for my family for whom I thank God.
- Suzanne A.
A prayer for the protection of Puerto Rico that is Experiencing a increase in earthquakes activity since 4 months
- Heyden E.Morales Santiago
Pray for an aging Joyce who is in severe pain, following surgery on her spine. And extra strength and wisdom for her caregiver daughter Sally.
- Steve B.
Prayers for Devin S. and his family that has an advanced aging disease. (makes children age very rapidly). Peace and Hope to the family.
- Steve B.
For my father who was just diagnosed with shingles, my son who is a lost soul and my husband who is angry and frustrated with the world and his family.
- J.G
A friend was murdered yesterday. Her husband also shot one of her sons. He is 14. Please help him and his older brother while they grieve. Help our community heal.
- Nancy N.