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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For God to help me, help my family stay close to me always and understand me
- Alonso R
For my family to have financial security And the stress of this to lift from our lives so That we may be whole again.
- Katherine Hoffman.
I am having an MRI of the pelvis and am hoping and praying that the results are fine. Please pray with me that nothing urgent is found.
- Jennifer H.
Thank you for Smoky and for Spirit and for Opa and for Oma and for Mommie and for Papa. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
- Erzhan C.
Please help me seek the will of God for a place to serve after leaving a broken parish as the Rector. It has been a time in which my spirit has been smothered by discord and hate.
- Travis F.
please pray for a dear friend who has been in continual pain from an unidentifiable form of cancer. his name is Alan. he is a wonderful person and father and son, and i pray that he is free from pain. thank you
- k c
Please pray that my husband and I can move past our struggles with alcohol and that our marriage will become whole again.
- C.M.H.
Prayers for Doug as he moves though the last days of his life that he may know he is beloved by his Creator and those of us who know him. Be with his family.
- I. P. L.
Prayers for Djunga's family's shelter and welfare as they struggle for a place to live as a result of an apartment fire. All agencies have responded that they have no funds available. Red Cross helped with food and clothes, but only 1 night shelter.
- Laura K.