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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For the safe trip my children and husband are getting ready to take.
- Buffy F.
I pray that me and my family fin a house to live in,in our old town
- Cody.W
Nana to help her be calm and allow god to guide her threw her final stages of life. Grandad know your god and family will help and carry you.
- Jessica e.
Pray for patience and mercy
- jennifer h.
May I be guided to a superb emotional network at my church and gymnasium.May I be understandng and sympathetic. May Holy Spirit speak articulately and fluently through me. I give thanks in advance. 8th July
- Lyndon C.
Please pray for my daughter, Meghan. She is a drug addict and in jail. I pray for our Lord to give her a bright light for the dark road she is on. Pray for her health and for God to give her the strength she lacks to become whole again.
- Linda P.
Please pray that I may find a similarly aged social group outside of work. Thank you.
- Joshua N.
for healing in God's will of josh t's father
- Joshua N.
I ask prayer for James and young man whose cancer has just returned for the 3rd time. I ask support for his family also.
- Peggy T