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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray for my 15 year old son, Winton, that he can control his impulses, and stop his destructive behavior. I pray for the Lord guide him and send positive people to guide and influence him.
- Whitney B
I pray that I will be no longer embarrassed about my faith
- Mitch O
At my gym and church may I meet a superb supportive network. Pray that I have a firm friendship with Sarah. Let my relationship with Jesus be paramount. I claim the victory in Jesus name. Amen
- Lyndon C. (Sat. 28 Sept)
I pray that our Lord will help me clear my mind and soul. I have dealt with so many issues; and I'm still trying to cope. I also pray that He blesses me with a job soon.
- Shawnee "Jade" M.
I pray that embarking on this spiritual journey will be a fruitful experience and that I may receive clarity and focus in my life.
- Camille P.
Father I pray thee to guide me, please Lord forgive my sins. I need your presence in my life. I feel empty now but I know that your grace will eventually set me free from the bondage of my sins. I'm nothing without you Lord. Praise and Glory only to You!
- Fotis B.
I Pray that my talk with my want to be daughter in law goes well. Giving the care and responsibility to God.
- Tamara J
I pray for my businesses to be successful, and that my marriage be truly fully healed and that our family's debts are all paid and that I keep a calm attitude always.
- Tammy J.
I pray that my husband and I may survive the trial we're going through, and once again know peace and joy.
- Elisabeth K.