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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for me to heal from cancer, and to join your community, through GOD's grace.
- -Sandra D.
Please pray for me, i take the most important test of my life, and am not able to do my daily mass services because i am studying so hard and stressed out so much.
- Ben R
Help increase the mission and spiritual impact of our young adult ministry
- Devin
I pray for the strong, good health of my children and in my desire to have dreams of motherhood fulfilled, uncluding growing our foundation to help more children
- Kenann T
Multiple health stressors and unemployment and maritial have brought my brother Brian to the brink of destruction. God spare him from suicidal thought and action! Mercy! Mercy I implore You.
- Gayle M
Please pray for fertility for my husband and me. We have suffered one miscarriage and are working on getting pregnant again.
- Rebekah
Please pray for my friend who is in her last stages of cancer. She has been so courageous and is at peace knowing what is to come.
- Cathy H.
Dear Lord, Please pray for Zack, age 3 & Olivia, age 5 who were shocked and burned last Sunday.
- -Frances S.
Dear Lord, I am a senior in high school and I started my own business. I am struggling with grades and business. I am seeking you guidance and grace. May Thy will be done.
- Brett