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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my grandmother, who is ill with pancreatic cancer. I ask your prayers for the caregivers and the cared for, that all may be witnesses in the world to the love and mercy of Christ Jesus. Amen.
- Alexander M.
Please pray that I may find a job soon.
- Erika
May my family have peace, love, respect, and happiness. May God hear our humble prayer to bless with with a baby. For my daughter to habe God in her heart always.
- ceci:
Please pray that my body will heal so I can enjoy life.
- SW
Please pray that Rachel and Trish may be healed from their chronic pain. God has brought us all together. Stay with us as we support each other.
- Molly M
Please pray for my 92 year old mother who has terrible arthritic pain. Also pray for my 31 year old son who needs a full time job.
- Pam H.
Please pray that God's healing grace be upon me as I deal with vertigo and light-headedness for reasons not yet known.
- Lance L.
Please pray that my daughter and her husband find their way back to God and the faith they had growing up. Also, for my other daughter that she is successful in finishing her degree and finds a job she will enjoy.
- Carole L.
Please pray for my daughter-inlaw Mary Kate who is battling brain cancer and is currently paralyzed from the neck down.
- Loretta B.