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To bless the health of my family and thank you for Husband new job.
- Cynthia
For my family that we can get on our feet and stay in a home and get by. And for those also in our situation
- Josh D.
pray that I get a job soon and will get my unemployment
- LaRose J
Dear Father, bless dear Amanda, protect her from the drugs she was exposed to, guide her life and bless and guide her newly adoptive parents. Never let her fall through the cracks again.
Please pray for me as I pray, discern and vocation to the priesthood in the Anglican church in Wales. Thank you and God keep you
- Daniel W
Please help me Lord to overcome my addiction to alcohol.
- betty l.
Jesus, make my heart more like yours.
- Nathan A.
That the Lord can show His grace toward all the immigrants, documented and undocumented, have a chance in being able to live in this Country out of the shadows. In Jesus' name. Amen.
- Livingstone P.
For discernment of my next call, and to get God's answer before my money runs out
- Charlotte W.+