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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I offer up my petitions to the Holy Spirit. 1. Guide me in my faith journey with the Episcoplian church. 2. Help me to find a good Christian woman to share my life with. 3. Pray that my house in New York will be sold very soon.
- Louis C.
Please pray that God will open up the doors for a job that only He has for my husband. It has been hard for him being unemployed for last 20 months but he stands tall and strong in his faith believing in God's promises and provision
- Tamara O
Please help my friend Katharine overcome liver cancer.
- Kathryn S
jim m as he recovers from his suicide attempt...may he find peace and comfort
- kate w
for the uniformed employees at American Airlines during this time of great stress
- kate f
I need a viable career- to make a living in work that gives me life. Thank you from one voice in the vast crowd of unemployed persons.
- Terri C
Please pray for me as I am beginning my deacon ordination exam this summer. I pray for strength, confidence, peace, patience, and conviction.
- brenda
I would like to pray for the hearing in my left ear to return to normal, and for Friday's MRI report to show no tumor of any kind.
- Lynne B
Pray for my twin brother George; he had an abscess on his brain from either a tooth or ear infection. He had three Surgeries and is in a medical induced coma with three drain tubes and a piece of bone removrd. Still has an infection. Pray God heals him
- Jason A. Wright