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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For my children to return to the church.
- Rose Mary L.
Please pray for my cousin Ava as she suffers from cerabral palsy. May Episcopalians everywhere grow stronger in our Anglican Communion and towards Jesus.
- Sean S.
Prayer for prosperity,now .I dont have money to eat.Prayer for health I have high blood pressure
- luis
I ask prayer for my last year of College and so to finish with excellent grades and in the same way by my classmate.
- Ethan R.
Please pray for my family.We have experienced financial troubles and our house is badly in need of repair.
- April F
Lord please heal my in-laws Jim and Wanda Jo who are both battling cancer.
- April F
Please pray for a new Anglican Diocese of Kibondo in Tanzania which was inaugurated on April 29,2012.
- Bartholomew S
Oh God, Please bless my union with Jenny P. and our marriage for life in you, my Lord. Please protect and be with Jenny P. in Vietnam and bless her at all times. Bless our future child and our future family. Amen
- Steven C.
Continue to pray for our office Manager's son Brian, who was was involved in a serious motorcycle accident with head trauma and is in a coma. Peace to the family
- Steve B.