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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I hope everyone is cured.
- Desire
I give thanks for my family
- Elizabeth
I pray for anyone who is in need of shelter.
- Diego
I pray for anyone in need.
- Lynda
I pray for my father in heaven
- pictisi
I give thanks for the seventh grade scholars of Imago Dei Middle School, and their brilliance in creating a spectacular prayer space for the rest of the scholars at our school.
- Susan
Please give those with undiagnosed travel related illnesses competent doctors to heal their misdiagnosed illnesses. Amen North Florida
- Poppy StJohn
Let us pray for the health and prosperity of The Very Rev. DeanTracey Lind. Let us pray the she finds qualifed professionals who will treat her medical condition or travel related illness from abroad.
- Poppy S
Dear Lord I pray for the continued Restoration of St Andrews Church. I pray for peace and unity within the congregation. Please heal my aunts , brothers, sisters ,cousin, daughter and granddaughter, of all physical, spiritual and emotional ills. I pray for the souls all the faithful Departed. Grant them rest AmenShirley
- Shirley