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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For Laura Dale, struggling with surgery complications.
- Schuyler R
i pray that i am release forever/permanent from this deep illusion/psychosis that has cause me to live a lie forever and i ask for god to remove my ability to use imagination
- Brandon Thompson
Dear Lord in Heaven... Thank You for helping us thru a very difficult financial time. Thank you for sending my son, granddaughter, and daughter in-law the jobs they desperately need. Thank you for giving us confidence, comfort, and encouragement. Thank you for filling our hearts with love and peace and for sending us your angelic messengers with miracles from Heaven. In the Holy Name of Jesus we pray.
Pray for Elizabeth that she can get the help and support she needs as she is going through a difficult family situation. May she be embraced by the warmth of God's love and grace.
- Lillian T.
Prayers for the safety of women caught in domestic violence situations and for the resources to be available to them, so they can receive the support they need. - Counselors are available at any time
- Beth W
Please God I pray that we obtain the desired outcome at our appointment today.
- Lisa
hi im giselle lopes from brazil and id like to ask for a prayer to jesus rebuild my friendship with my friend bruna cristina rodrigues, we commit a sin and now she and the pastors want me out of the church, shes my only family and turned back on me for a mistake we both committed, please ask the lord jesus to get inside her heart to forgive me and be my family again, shes very important to me and im suffering everyday crying missing her and we used to be like sisters, it is so hard i feel like i want to die right now, my lifes over. please help, she needs to come back and talk to me. Also id like to ask you all to pray for her to come into her senses in the sexual area, she needs protection in this area so badly, im worried about her. she just goes out with any boy.thanks giselle
- giselle lopes
Dear, thank you for your prayers. Last Friday I handed in my “last” research assignment. Please keep on praying that I may also receive a good result for this assignment. And that I can celebrate the summerholliday after completing this research with success. Futhermore, please keep praying that my family/friends also become cristians. For the right man by my side to marry. For an increase in finances. Total healing of past traumas. Thanks and be blessed
- Amanda
Please pray for my salvation and wisdom to rebuild my life. I need a special blessing and protection for my 3 week demanding trip. I feel emotionally lonely and unloved. I am asking God to help me let go or have God perform a miracle with my past relationship with BM. I struggle with addictive behaviors, employment and self-esteem and pray to rely on my Savior daily. Thank you. Amen
- Val A.