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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Pray for my daughter that the test being done on Tursday for ovarian cancer comes back negative. Thank you.
- Sue C
Prayers ascending for a dear friend Stefan Bucher Sr. in Germany as he prepares to undergo a toe amputation for gangrene, and that there are no more circulatory issues with his legs again.
- Annonymous
Thanking God for is continued Grace and Mercy at St. Andrews Church.
Pray for my relationship with my fiance Corban and for a new job so I can help take care of my family.
- Daniel F
Prayers for the Rev. Dr. Rhoda Montgomery's family and friends who mourn her passing. And for the St. Thomas Family that is also mourning.
- James T. Said
For Mrs. Greene, whom I didn't know... A teacher that touched her students in a way that many people remember decades later. We pray for your ascension to heaven.
- Brian
For my father Arvind and his upcoming test and results, we pray that one day he is free of the cancer that has failed him and the family for some time. For all of the cancer survivors and soon to be survivors, we love and pray for your healing and strength.
- Brian
For Corynne's mother Jeannette, who continues to battle several ailments and and is on support we pray for healing and comfort. For Corynne's peace and strength, we pray.
- Brian
I ask for healing of my body as I begin radiation and chemo next week. I am nervous about this whole process; but I am also anxious and worried about my financial situation because I live alone and support myself, but I am out of work until my course of treatment is done (early next summer!). Not sure how I will manage rent, household expenses, and groceries with no income. I know I shouldn't worry about such things...and our God will provide...but it's hard NOT to worry. Please pray for my healing, for strength, and for comfort (both physically and spiritually). Thank you.
- Marty T.