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I pray for my 32 year old son who is awaiting results of a bone scan.
Prayers that my lymphoma will be treated successfully and completely for good.
- Margaret L.
That my depression finally lifts and I begin to feel good about myself again.
- Jennifer H.
Please pray that God wil heal me of a cold I have had for several days
- John S
For hope in the depths of spiritual darkness and for discernment of a sense of meaning in my life, I ask your prayers.
- Bernard W.
Let us all pray for peace in Afghanistan and Syria as well as the rest of the world.
- Thomas H.
Please pray for me to become a good mother. My adoptive daughter and I are having a difficult time. I just want to give her what she needs.
- Ruth M.
Please Lord, if it is Your will, send our son a Christian soul mate, that will fulfill his life in Your name.
- Carol f
For my daily struggle with Bipolar, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia -
- Brenda F