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Please pray for my two daughters, both are making major decisions in their lives. May God provide light in their lives, even if they dont know what it is.
- lcmsa
Prayers for burn victims everywhere.
- Elisabeth A
Forgive me, but I am praying for the Mother of the man arrested in Brussels - (Abdeselam), and possibly the other mothers.
- Elizabeth A
please pray for release from alcoholism for my son John, that God will grasp his soul in his healing hands
- Janene g
Father I come to you with a broken heart. Your word says that you come to the broken hearted. Father, my bad and selfish behavior drove Debra away. She is the love of my life. Please God speak to her heart to give me one more chance to show her that I am the man and life partner she deserves. Please whisper to her soul that I love her so much and am so sad without her. I will not make the same mistakes again. I humbly ask this in Jesus name. Amen.
- John Gacinski.
Lord, I pray to help me though my building depression and darkened thoughts to brighter and joyous mind/body/spirit. Please, allow me to see passed this and no longer emotionally hurt my wife and those I hold dear. The end scares me but not living my life and seeing those whom I cherish no longer smiling hurts me either just as bad or worse. I pray for your help, support, and your love as I try to show it to you.
- Nick
Please pray for my hatchling Red-Eared slider turtle who was diagnosed with Pneumonia at the emergency vet to make a full recovery. We hope she makes it through this. Heavenly Father, please bless this baby turtle.
- Christy
I pray that you will give me strength to find a new job so that I can provide for my daughter.
- Hoyt
I pray in the holy name of jesus that me and my partner are united in spirit , body and soul and lord fill our hearts with immense love . faithfulness and honesty for each other , that even in thoughts we are faithful and loving to each other and that lord jesus in his holy name removes this problem of our parents nor accepting us and separating us . And in jesus name I ask god to unite us and allow us to spend our entire lives together loving each other , taking care of each other each moment of our lives at all times until death do us apart .
- Vikrant