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Please guide me and my husband as we decide how to handle the news that our son-in-law has a gambling addiction that he is in therapy for. Our daughter has only known for a month and they told us this weekend. Life can be so hard when trying to guide young adult children without interfering. Want whats best for our sweet daughter.
LORD I ask for your healing power for William Cole who is very ill. May every cause of sickness be removed, and may he be restored to good health. I ask this Holy Father in the nam of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
- William Cole
Please pray God’s healing hand restore my relationship implanting forgiveness, compassion, loyalty, respect, and trust in our hearts.
- Angela Sivley
Prayers for my life: God's Will for my life and my acceptance of it.To surrender to The Lord. Prayers for my relationship w/ Connie, (and my health,work,and home) as we transition and separate. Prayers for God's Grace and Mercy during this most humbling of times. In Jesus' Name,I pray. Amen. God Bless All Who Read This and Thankyou.
- Dale M.
Please pray for my son Devin with advanced alcoholism. He is threatening suicide which runs in my family. I have lost two siblings to suicide.
- Susan J.
Prayers for my uncle as he faces emergency heart surgery.
- Z.M.
Ask that all Christians pray and ask in this four-dimensional way that I heard expressed by a Minister: look up, look behind, look at the present, look toward the future.
- Anonymous
Please pray for my daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Brad. Jennifer's doctor has declared that she is unable to work due to several illnesses. Her husband will be laid off due to job cut backs in 5 weeks. They will have no income and 2 children.
- Deborah W
Please pray for me. I need guidance from our Father in Heaven to find the religion that's right for me.
- Francesca L.