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Remembering Unitarian Rev. James Reeb on the 51st anniversary of his martyrdom answering Dr. King's "Call to Selma" in 1965.
- Jared F.
Almighhty God, pls cure Mr. W's cold, fever, and cough. My prayer is the only thing that I can do to help him achieve a full recovery. And pls bless his new medical practice and let what his new career to reflect your light and help those in need. Amen!
- L.
Pray for me, I'm current tryout to Bates Technical College for CDL driving program. I have struggle in area to learn to driving of big rig truck. So I can get Job. Thank you for pray for me.
- Seth Hillwood
Please pray for my family as they make their way through their spiritual journey
- Jules M.
Please join me to pray to the LORD that someone at my old employer will listen and want to talk to me about having me back to work with them when they see the evidence I was the victim of a crime. In Jesus name, AMEN.
- Craig
Please pray that the Lord forgives me for lying. And please pray that my new anti-depressant works and that the side effects go away.
- Mark H.
Please guide me and my husband as we decide how to handle the news that our son-in-law has a gambling addiction that he is in therapy for. Our daughter has only known for a month and they told us this weekend. Life can be so hard when trying to guide young adult children without interfering. Want whats best for our sweet daughter.
LORD I ask for your healing power for William Cole who is very ill. May every cause of sickness be removed, and may he be restored to good health. I ask this Holy Father in the nam of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
- William Cole
Please pray God’s healing hand restore my relationship implanting forgiveness, compassion, loyalty, respect, and trust in our hearts.
- Angela Sivley