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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Prayers for my life: God's Will for my life and my acceptance of it.To surrender to The Lord. Prayers for my relationship w/ Connie, (and my health,work,and home) as we transition and separate. Prayers for God's Grace and Mercy during this most humbling of times. In Jesus' Name,I pray. Amen. God Bless All Who Read This and Thankyou.
- Dale M.
Please pray for my son Devin with advanced alcoholism. He is threatening suicide which runs in my family. I have lost two siblings to suicide.
- Susan J.
Prayers for my uncle as he faces emergency heart surgery.
- Z.M.
Ask that all Christians pray and ask in this four-dimensional way that I heard expressed by a Minister: look up, look behind, look at the present, look toward the future.
- Anonymous
Please pray for my daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Brad. Jennifer's doctor has declared that she is unable to work due to several illnesses. Her husband will be laid off due to job cut backs in 5 weeks. They will have no income and 2 children.
- Deborah W
Please pray for me. I need guidance from our Father in Heaven to find the religion that's right for me.
- Francesca L.
Please pray for me and renew my strength as I try to find meaning in the death of my brother Mark. He was 2 years older than me at 57. He just died in his sleep. Help his wife Susie find some understanding of his death.
- Tony L.
Pray that the Episcopal Church begin broadcasting sermons on a Christian radio network for all Episcopalians, and the general public, to hear. Some are housebound and cannot get to church.
- Anonymous
I am asking for prayer for my father and mother herb and Janet Higgs my dad has stage four kidney cancer and had a kidney remove he has lost his job and is not recovering well he now has the cancer in the cells of his body. My mother and him marries 43 years she is struggling with this and is not sure what or how to handle the cancer my dad has. I pray for peice for her and him
- Juanita