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For the new Roman Pontiff Pope Francis. That his pontificate be one of following the call of the Lord and for unity of the Church as Peter's Successor.
- Richard L
Please pray for me to have faith and for my girlfriend to find forgiveness of me. I so want to repair things with her
- Dean B.
Please watch over Shirley and her family as they prepare for her future.
- Martha E.
Dear G-d, I pray that every victim of physical harm finds solace in Your loving care; that such offenders would not be pardoned because of our favoritism, but by the grace of Your divine will. For Your justice is for all, the offensive and the offended.
- JH
Pray that my best friend would come to know the Lord, so that He can help heal all the pain in her life.
- Joshua H. C.
Strength & wisdom for caregivers, especially Rhonda.
- Linda R.
Please Pray for the sick and unfortunate ones suffering! And to find the cures for horrible diseases and for the poor and hungry, let no child or man go without food! Amen
- Barbara B
pray for love
- Andrey K
I pray for my body to be healed from cancer.
- Julie M.