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For my 26 year old cousin to be cured of cancer.
- Zac P
We pray for all who weep, watch, mourn, and wait this day and night.
- Mike M.
For the people struggling with addiction and the children at their sides
- Charity S
It seems so many of your children are enduring so much, Father. I pray that I may always remember my faith in You. Amen.
- Michael S.
Loy's cancer. Parent's move & neighbors, that they all may find homes. Infected tooth, that I can find affordable relief. Thanks for all You have done and forgive me for what i have done/failed to do. Glory to You Lord Christ!
- Michael S.
Pray for a resolution to our financial difficulties.
- Ann P
Praying for safety for my children and family members and for everyone's family as well!
- Elizabeth S.
That I might find my true spiritual home.
- Maggie P.
A prayer to ask to be cured of cancer.
- Bill M