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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For Jim,Rodney, Marcella and the Congregation of Saint Paul's, Jeffersonville, Indiana; and for Joni
- Fr/ Fred Crysler
Please pray for me as I try to come back to Christianity after years of sadness, loneliness, and of being lost.
- Megan Miranda
apartment for anna and jacob within a week
- crystal gardner-asher
I pray for all peoples to have healing and peace. I pray for all people to have prosperity and comfort.
- Chris U
Please pray that I may be healed in body and spirit.
- Mike
Please pray for me in Sacred Heart of Jesus. I need many many graces and miracles so I can deliver soon from my problems in health, studies, economic, finance, and employment. Have mercy on me and my big family.
- Dwi
Pray for joslyn Johnson who died today in a motor cycle accident at age 21 leaving behind a two year old son. Also pray for Taylor who was convicted today in court and joslyn was his victim also. Pray for all of us and for forgiveness. Amen
- Drea
My husband and I pray that we will find a community of Episcopal writers--perhaps on-line. We are past wanting the affirmation of an editor. At our age community is what we seek.
- Pat G.
Please pray for me as I continue to gain strength from surgery to have an ICD implanted. Also please pray that I adjust to my new life with this device and that I can get back to a normal life. Also that I gain healing for all of my heart issues. I also need to be able to sleep at night, so please add that to prayer. Thank you so much!
- Dana Ruth