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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Healing for Andy in NC and his wife Louise, in the hosputal for a month.
- Maddie
Prayers for discernment and a new call. Wish to be a blessing to the children and families I serve.
- Sarah
For a cousin undergoing treatment for cancer.
- Terry S
Today Pope Francis said that it is a 'Human Right' to refuse same-sex marriage licenses and women will never be ordained. I pray the leaders of the Episcopal Church will show the courage of our church and make a statement of what we believe in. Our church is not as big, but our voice and faith in God is just as strong.
- Christian A.
I pray that I will let go of anything holding me back and go for it!
- Emily
Andrea and Amanda to be set free from captivity and go on a mission doing the Lords work. And be Godly mothers. And for my grandfathers ministry and support. Amen!
- Andrea and Amanda
Please pray for my children, as they are suffering through an unwanted and unnecessary divorce.
- Chad
Lord, please help me to focus on keeping my marriage healthy.
- Michelle
Please pray for me as I begin my treatment plan for my OCD
- Jared