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Pray for the success of my daughter in her new job
- Gail m
Please pray for our adopted son who is confused, angry, and lost, that he may grow in faith and love to become the man God wants him yo be.
- Alison G.
Requesting prayers for my elderly mom Mary B. who is undergo heart surgery today. Blessings to all.
- Steve B.
i pray that the world ends mindless conflict in third world countries.
- Anson waller
Lord, please help all those that are suffering at this hour.
- Toni G.
Grant my husband the strength to be the sole provider for a little bit longer.
- Toni G.
Lord, Please help me to provide for my family. I have been unemployed for 2.5 years now and it is tearing my family apart. I need your strength.
- Toni
I pray for my wife, children and extended family that they come to know the saving love of Jesus and become devoted disciples.
- Mark
I pray for Church of the Holy Apostles' search for a new director of children and family ministry.
- Mark