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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for me as I try to rebuild my life.
- Kevin M.
My beautiful 24 y/o son is in recovery in Portland. Please pray for him that he remains strong and healthy. Thank you.
- Linda D.
Dear God, help me be okay with this trying time. Help me accept not knowing the whole story. Give me peace with those who hurt me. Let me let go of this and see it as a gift.
- Seb Smith
Father God -I thank you for all prayers answered And unanswered. In Jesus name I pray.
Please pray for my friend-- she's living away from home, and she's lonely and sad.
- Magic H.
Please Pray for the family of Jeff Hutson who passed away today. May he new be at eternal peace in the loving arms of God and His Kingdom. Please pray for his wife Kate, his daughter Meghan, his son Aaron and granddaughters Maya and Lexi.
- Keith Remmel II
I'm deciding to go back to school but there are some factors that are hindering me and procrastination. Please lift that to God in you prayers. I pray for discernment and guidance.
- Duane L
Please pray for my nice Juliana who is a drug addict.
- L.S
Please pray for Church of the Advent LA. A gang-initiation execution occurred in front of the parish hall.
- Sylvia C