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Please pray for my family and especially my sister on the loss of our Mother. My sister is taking her death much harder than the rest of the family. We can't get her to grief counseling with us. Hopefully pray will work and comfort her
- Jane A
Dear Lord, please be with my Aunt Joe as she goes for Cancer Surgery.Father God I pray you give her strength to fight this battle. Your will not ours be done. Amen
Lord, please forgive for the hurt feelings I caused this past weekend. Though unintentional, completely my own fault! Please take this experience and show me how to do better. I am truly so sorry. Not everything can be fixed with "sorry", but I know you are the author of life and can make beauty from ashes.
Lord, please give strength to my father in law so that he may heal from whatever ails him, so that he can provide strength and help others to heal as he's always done.
- Brian
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed by COBLH. If you think that position suits me, pls bestow me the offer so that I can honor you in the daily work. I pray in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.
- dF8MA
Please pray for the chemotherapy to work it's magic without undue symptoms.
- Amy S
Please pray for my family.
- Mary K.
For Corbin as he suffers from drug abuse.
- Tyler K
Dear Lord, please be with my grandfather, Jim, as he recovers from surgery for a lung collapse. Please be with my grandmother and the rest of our family, help us stay strong as he recovers. I ask these things in your holy name Jesus. Amen.
- Joshua R