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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Dear Lord, please watch over my departed father , Kenneth , and hold him in your loving arms forever.
- Mark T
Dear Lord, I pray for my children Sarah, Laura and Patrick. Help the girls to have forgiveness and I pray Patrick is safe and successful and that all take care of their health.
- Karen K
Please pray for reconciliation and restoration of my relationship. Please pray that God will grant me emotional healing and peace.
- Allie P.
I pray that the rest of my life will not hurt emotionally as it has in the past. Maybe one day I will feel good about myself enough that I can find closure with myself and all people. My faith is tapped out" I am so tired mentally, I want to stop feeling hurt and being a failure especially when I know I am blessed, I am tired of crying for nothing only to go back to my old ways. I can't find what's missing I need help. I am confused and lonely and alienated. Thank you for listening, Jesus is a friend indeed. I know with him all things are possible I will never forget that. Lord I come to you as I am. Praises to my precious lord. Amen
- Jean f
I pray for a new beginning in my medical career➕➕➕. Amen
- CLaudia C.
Dear Lord, please heal my sister. Amen
- Maria M
Gracious God, you are the giver of life, and health. I ask for peace as I prepare for my upcoming Cystoscopy on March 16. Give me the peace to know that you are with me, and that you will never leave me or forsake me. In your gracious, and most Holy name. Amen
- Tim W
Please bless my family and help us with difficult issues that we are trying to deal with now.
- Mary M
Dear lord, I pray I can move and hope my baby is well, I hope you I can have better faith, I hope I can get my car handled, I hope everything in life works in your favor.