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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Most gracious God, please provide an answer to Gordon in regard to employment.
- Linda S.
Dear God, Please give your grace and peace to our dear Mary Shields. Help her know your will. Ease her suffering in this time of loss. Help her find solace in the deaths of her Grandfather and Father in two weeks of each other. Amen.
- Stacey S.
My friend and work associate, David, suffers from a severe mental affliction. I worry for his safety.
- Wyatt
Pray for me as I consider the ministry within the Church.
- Jennifer H.
God, I ask you for strength to study and absorb information for an important test. I ask that the Holy Spirit descend upon me when I lack focus or am weary. Give me peace in knowing that I prepare to the best of my ability. In your name, Amen
- Cynthia L
Healing prayers are requested for The Rev. Canon Ginny Doctor. God grant complete recovery to your servant Ginny.
- Cn. Shirley W.
Almighty God, please help me banish the darkness in my life and soul, and fill me with Your perfect and Holy strength so that I may find the courage to overcome my fears. Thank you for your never-ending love.
- Andrea B.
God, please reveal your will in my life. Help me grow spiritually. Thank you for your mercy
- Eric R.
Lord, I've been unfaithful. To you, my family, my friends. I'm trying to make right. Please give me strength.
- Rich S.