Susanna E. Metz

Rector, St. John the Baptist Church, Battle Creek, TN, Diocese of East Tennessee (2007—present)
Assistant Professor, School of Theology, Sewanee, TN (2001—present)

B. Mus. (1972) & B.A., Theology (1980), Immaculata College, Immaculata, PA
M. Ed., Elementary Education, West Chester University, West Chester, PA (1982)
M. Div. (1996) & D. Min. (2003), School of Theology, Sewanee, TN

Deacon, Diocese of East Tennessee (1996)
Priest, Diocese of East Tennessee (1997)

Sermons and Bible Studies

Imagine a Scene…, Maundy Thursday – 2002

March 28, 2002

Imagine a scene in an old black-and-white movie. At first, all you see on the screen are feet — old feet, middle-aged feet, children’s feet — caked with mud and […]

It Isn’t Usually Such…, Christ the King (C) – 2001

November 25, 2001

It isn’t usually such a great idea to begin a sermon with a question, but today’s celebration of the feast of Christ the King really begs us to do just […]

There’s a Great Saying…, Proper 18 (C) – 2001

September 09, 2001

There’s a great saying in the South that goes like this: “That preacher’s just gone from preachin’ to meddlin’.” And that’s exactly what Jesus has done in today’s Gospel. He’s […]

We’ve All Probably Heard…, Proper 12 (C) – 2001

July 29, 2001

“What’s in a name?” We’ve all probably heard that phrase used many times. Or maybe we’ve heard, “Who’s your family?” In other words, where do you come from and who […]

In Our Collect…, Easter 3 (C) – 2001

April 29, 2001

In our Collect for this Third Sunday of Easter, we read, “Open the eyes of our faith that we may behold him in all his redeeming work.” This is what […]

Today’s Gospel Passage Begins…, Lent 1 (C) – 2001

March 04, 2001

Today’s Gospel passage begins with an incredible contrast. Luke tells us that Jesus is full of the Holy Spirit, and then he is led into the emptiness of the wilderness. […]

In the Philadelphia Museum…, Proper 23 (B) – 2000

October 15, 2000

In the Philadelphia Museum of Art there’s a striking painting by Russian Marc Chagall. As Chagall’s often complexly allergorical or symbolic paintings go, it’s very simple. It has a large […]

This Doesn’t Seem to Be…, Proper 21 (B) – 2000

October 01, 2000

This doesn’t seem to be a good day for anyone in any of the three scripture lessons we read today. Moses is mad at the Israelites. And what a wonderful […]

Today’s Gospel Picks Up…, Proper 10 (B) – 2000

July 16, 2000

Today’s Gospel picks up where last week’s left off. If you remember, last week Jesus was not having one of his best days. Those people who knew him best, his […]

His Fame Began to Spread…, Epiphany 6 (B) – 2000

February 13, 2000

“His fame began to spread throughout the surrounding region of Galilee.”(1:28) This is pretty amazing because Jesus has only just begun his ministry, only just begun selecting his apostles, only […]

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