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“Celebration of Women in Ministry” held at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, July 12, 2014

Cast Wide the Net offers resources for ordained women to help in their career development and also to assist search committees and others seeking a wide range of talented candidates across the church. The need for a toolkit was affirmed the 77th General Convention because of the continuing gender gaps in church leadership and compensation. These toolkit resources may help bring awareness to some of the priorities and practices by which gender can affect expectations and outcomes, with a result of helping lessen the gender disparities and increasing a gender-inclusive ethos for women’s leadership in the church.

Although the toolkit focuses on ordained women involved in search and transition processes, these resources are available to everyone. New resources will be added and others will be updated as they are desired and needed. If there are resources that would be helpful to you or to women you know, or to your work in seeking and working with clergy leaders in a gender-inclusive ethos, send your ideas to the Rev. Meghan F. Froehlich, Director of the Office for Transition Ministry.

About Cast Wide the Net

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Why Gender Still Matters

Bishops and Transition Ministers

Ordained Women

Women and the Episcopate

Women in Transition or Search Processes

Women’s Leadership

Search and Transition Committees

The Rev. Meghan F. Froehlich

Director for Transition Ministry

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Ms. Sabrina Nealy

OTM Coordinator: Technical Support Specialist

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