Church Planting and Missional Development

Church Planting and Missional Development

We are here to bless you in your new ministry.

Church Planting and Mission Development is the language we use to describe new ministries of all kinds in our Episcopal Church. Our focus is on blessing, supporting, networking and resourcing new ministries of ALL kinds. New ministries in our network range from house churches and coffee house churches to Food Trucks and Traditional “tall steeple” church plants. We celebrate the gifts that new ministries offer the world and we are passionate about supporting the leaders who call these new communities together.

A New Video Series

Discover New Ministries

Mission Developers have a unique challenge as leaders in faith communities. They're called to function as entrepreneurial self-starters who also embrace the Episcopal church’s ethos and traditions. Here, we feature their stories and work. Please share these videos and join us as we host conversations about the future of our church.


Mission Developer's Report to the Church

The Episcopal Church launched a new missional movement to engage in evangelism and church planting initiatives and to cultivate new ministries for the Jesus Movement. Over the course of this triennium, the Advisory Group on Church Planting received over 120 grants and recommended funding for 66 new ministries.

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Grant Applications for Mission Enterprise Zones and Developing Church Plants

The Genesis Advisory Group is still receiving grant applications for mission enterprise zones and developing church plants which had received funding in the last triennium for a mission enterprise zone or discernment grant for those working to clarify and develop a church plant.

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Hope Sandwich

Not too long ago, every one of our communities of faith was brand new - even our finest cathedrals! In other words, they were "New Church Starts." Today, new ministries may be the traditional "tall steeple" model but they can also be storefront ministries committed to regular worship that welcomes all. "Missional Initiatives" may not include public worship but, through mission and evangelism, they engage under-represented groups, including youth and young adults, people of color, poor and working-class people, people with a high-school diploma or less, and/or people with little or no church background or involvement.

Since 2012, the Episcopal Church has supported the launch of nearly 100 new ministries of all kinds. We have also created the practical supports needed to assess the gifts and strengths of our mission developers; we’ve created a network of coaches and consultants, and we’ve offered excellent church-wide trainings for new mission developers on a regular basis. We are learning together how to sustain a movement of new and engaged ministries that embody God’s love for all of Creation. Come join us as we learn how to sustain this movement for years to come!

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The Rev. Tom Brackett
Missioner: New Church Starts & Missional Development

The Advisory Group on Church Planting

The Advisory Group on Church Planting invites you to join us in the exciting work of starting new congregations and missional communities across the regions of the Episcopal Church.  We're convinced that our church is being called into new adventures in the "Jesus Movement" - to gather around the Holy Spirit's action in the world and to share in the Good News of God's extravagant love wherever it is to be found. 

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