Bowden, John

(Jan. 7, 1751-July 31, 1817). Priest and educator. He was born in Ireland. Bowden came to the American colonies at an early age. For two years he was a student at the College of New Jersey (Princeton). He graduated from King's College, New York, in 1772. Bowden was ordained deacon on Apr. 25, 1774, and priest on May 29, 1774. He began his ministry as assistant minister at Trinity Church, New York. He left the city during the Revolution because he did not support the patriot cause. In 1784 he became the rector of St. Paul's Church, Norwalk, Connecticut. He remained there until 1789, when he went to the West Indies for his health. When he returned to the United States, he served as the first Principal of the Episcopal Academy of Connecticut at Cheshire from June 1796 until Apr. 1802. In 1802 he became Professor of Moral Philosophy and Logic at Columbia College. He served there until his death. Bowden died in Balston Spa, New York.