The UTO Board

The UTO Board

July 1, 2012


The UTO Board is composed of a Province Representative from each of the nine provinces of the Episcopal Church and three continuing members serving at large, who represent the provincial regions of the Anglican Communion.  It is staffed by the UTO Coordinator, who works in The Episcopal Church Center in New York.

Within their provinces, UTO Board members establish and maintain communication with:

  • Diocesan UTO Coordinators and Bishops within their province
  • Diocesan ECW Boards
  • Episcopal Church Center Provincial Liaison
  • Seminaries
  • Provincial publications

UTO Board members attend three UTO Board meetings per year and other provincial/synod meetings and conferences.  These are held in different dioceses of The Episcopal Church.  They develop new UTO materials and programs, such as Face To Face, in order to promote, interpret, and support the ministry of the United Thank Offering.  Each UTO Board member researches applications and communicates with the UTO grant applicants within their province in preparation for the yearly granting session held each April.

UTO Board members travel within their Province, visiting churches, women’s groups, vestries, seminaries, diocesan meetings, etc., to speak on the work of the UTO.  We train, educate, and support Diocesan UTO Coordinators, including providing the annual Face To Face workshop.  We visit churches, dioceses, seminaries, etc. as requested to promote UTO.


Barbara “Barbi” Tinder
Convener, Communication Committee
Province I
(207) 928-3603
[email protected]

Lois J. Rodney
Convener, Memorial and Gift Trust Fund
Province II
(718) 723-6050
[email protected]

Anne Gordon Curran
Convener, Diocesan Network Committee
Province III
(804) 285-4210
[email protected]

Georgie White
Committee Member
Province IV
(770) 996-9081
[email protected]

Carol Feller-Gottard
Committee Member
Province V
(715) 623-3004
[email protected]

Mari-Lou Triebenbach
Convener, Continuing Review Committee
Province VI
(763) 559-4961
[email protected]


Lynn Headley
Committee Member
Province VIII
(714) 963-5932
[email protected]

Olga Arevalo
Convener, Covenant Network Committee
Province IX
(011 593)
[email protected]

Zona Tounsley
Secretary, Member-at-Large for Latin America / Caribbean
(910) 777-3377
[email protected]

Jan Goossens
Finance Officer, Member-at-Large for Africa
(618) 655-0326
[email protected]

Pamela Stewart
Vice President, Member-at-Large for Asia / Pacific
(631) 447-3996
[email protected]





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