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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray that my son John will find a good paying job. He's been looking for seven years. He's 32 years old and only makes eight dollars and hour.
- Pam H.
Pray for palestine people.
- Mohammed
Please pray for my health and speedy recovery from an autoimmune disease..
- J C
Please pray for my dear friend and coworker who wants to find happiness, peace, and love, but she is very discouraged at the moment.
- Jordan W.
Lord, help me in my time of discovery into faith; Help me find a home in the Episcopal Church. Help me, as a homosexual, find welcoming and affirming arms in Your church. Amen.
- Johnathen S.
Please pray for my friend's daughter who has been recently diagnosed with scleroderma.
- Cathy S.
Thank you lord for giving the new job I was praying for . I also praise you because many new doors will open when I move back to New York . Please protect my children and grandkids and those who are sick and in need .
- Pilare
Please pray that we accomplish our mission and help all people to walk the world free of fear and threats, and knowing that together we can rise to any challenge.
- Eiramana S.
Please pray for me and my addictions. I am addicted to alcohol. I work for a Church and am in need of help. Please help me. I need prayers and help.
- Nick Herrin