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Please, pray that God will grant me wisdom, and the answers I seek. I am going through a period of questioning and doubt. I seek to know if God is truly real, and if my path lies with Christ.
- John
Please pray for my neighbor, his ex-wife and their children. God, I pray that you continue to help them through their struggles financially and medically. Amen.
- Heather C.
Please pray for my partner, best friend, soul mate, and husband, Joseph S. who was called by our father March 28th. I miss him terribly and am lost. If not for my church I feel damaged and abandoned.
- Michael C.
Pray that my school is able to find a long term music substitute teacher to cover my duties through the end of the year.
- Joshua
Please Pray for Christ to give me His strength to deal with some health issues that have been going on for nearly a year with little or no relief.
- Tim R.
Please pray for my friend Shelby and her fiancé, Brad. His cancer has returned and they are forced to move up their wedding date to make sure the wedding happens.
- Kate F.
Please pray my mom stays free of cancer & pray my friend is able to move home & get a great new job. May all people seeking employment find the right job for them.
- Katie C.
Please pray for my friend and brother Brady as he fights Myeloma.
- Joshua
A few weeks ago I suffered a Lisfrank injury to my left foot. Tomorrow I go in for surgery. Please pray that all goes well and that my spirits are raised. Thank you.
- Joshua